Review: Better Call Saul 502 – 50 % Off

Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill – Better Call Saul _ Season 5, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Warrick Page/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Better Call Saul 502 – 50 % Off

Unintended consequences create a domino effect of trouble in 50% Off, the second offering of Season 5 of Better Call Saul. Jimmy’s cell phone scam has not only garnered him a multitude of clients, but the actions of a pair who’ve taken advantage of his half price deal leads to trouble for the Salamanca drug operation.

Saul Goodman is open for business and business is booming. So much so that Jimmy decides that he wants to show Kim a house that has caught his attention. Kim reluctantly agrees and it’s evident that a chill exists between them. Jimmy, ever the master of recognizing what makes people tick, tries to thaw their relationship and the tour of the open house helps to rekindle some of the warmth that exists between he and Kim.

While Jimmy may be promoting 50% reductions it’s a full court press for Nacho. Gus wants information on Lalo and fingers Nacho as the man for the job, even threatening his father to provide incentive. On the other side, Lalo has his own doubts regarding Gus and his construction plans. Lalo visits Hector to chat and do some brainstorming and they soon come to a theory behind Gus’ motives.

Mike, still troubled by having to kill Werner Ziegler has more thrown at him when he’s called into emergency babysitting duties. While chatting with his granddaughter Kaylee about her father, she unwittingly touches a nerve. The mention of her dad and his time as a police officer in Philadelphia reawakens the guilt Mike has buried regarding his son’s corruption and eventual demise. The pressure is too much and Mike lashes out at Kaylee. Working for Gus has it’s hazards and Mike, like Nacho is feeling the squeeze of his job requirements.

Speaking of Nacho, he’s forced to think on his feet and his improvisational skills come in handy when a couple of idiots, who are living the high life thanks to Jimmy’s phone scam, cause some trouble at the Salamanca drug house. When the delivery method gets clogged some routine house maintenance soon brings the attention of the police and before long a full scale raid on the property is in effect. Nacho unleashes his inner Spider-Man, removes the evidence before the police can find it and gains Lalo’s admiration in the process.

Jimmy’s elevator scam to help shaft the prosecuting lawyer in some of their upcoming cases is classic Jimmy at his best. However sometimes the shafter becomes the shaftee and that reality presents itself in 50% Off’s final moments. When Nacho pulls up beside Jimmy on the street, even his charm and gift of gab can do nothing to help him squirm out of the situation. Much like the ice cream cone in the final shot, Jimmy’s life is about to get turned upside down.