Review: Better Call Saul 407 – Something Stupid

Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill – Better Call Saul _ Season 4, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Nicole Wilder/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Better Call Saul 407 – Something Stupid

For a show that specializes in excellent dialogue and storytelling sometimes it’s the scenes without words that have the most impact on Better Call Saul. The opening montage featuring Kim and Jimmy going about their daily routines deftly illustrates the nature of their relationship and the different trajectories their career paths are on. Initially appearing together in the same frame it is clear by the end of the montage that Kim and Jimmy are destined to be apart. One of the final shots – a split screen with both of them on their own – and as far away from each other as the frames will allow foreshadows the inevitable end of their love affair.

Those familiar with the Saul universe are already aware of how things will turn out for Kim and Jimmy but in this case the ride is more enjoyable than the destination. How exactly they go their separate ways has yet to be revealed but there have been some hints as to what may potentially come between them. When the screen goes dark on Kim’s side of the bed it becomes clear that Jimmy is fully aware of what lies ahead.

Something Stupid showcases the flaws in all of us, but more specifically in Jimmy. His inability to be truly happy for anyone else’s happiness, most likely born out of the realization that he’s not as successful as he thinks he should be inevitably causes him to burn every bridge he’s built. The same behavior that put him at odds with Chuck now resurfaces when he’s faced with Kim’s success. Instead of accepting her triumphs and enjoying what she’s been able to accomplish he sabotages things. The tragedy however is that Jimmy is just as capable of their successes but his penchant for eschewing anything that follows the straight and narrow always seems to get him – and sometimes those close to him – in trouble.

Speaking of trouble, Mike runs into some of his own regarding the construction of the super lab. Delays and unrest amongst the men present some speed bumps in the operation. Evidently beer and football isn’t enough to keep the men on task forcing Mike to consider other ways to make his crew happy.

We all do something stupid from time to time particularly when the heart instead of the head governs decisions. Kim’s love for Jimmy trumps her better instincts to let him fend for himself. When he comes calling for help and she doesn’t agree to his methods the stage is set for calamity to arise. Something Stupid is filled with ignorant acts from Huell’s assault on an undercover cop to Hector’s actions in his hospital room. Those moves and others unwittingly pave the way for failure and hardship, things that sometimes no matter how one tries, just can’t be avoided.