Rev Up Your Engines in Blood Drive

In the distant future of 1999 America has become a twisted place. A global fuel shortage has pumped up the price of a gallon of gas to astronomical levels. However, to combat this problem some people have modified their cars to run not on gasoline but on human blood. This is the world of the SyFy series Blood Drive which is now available on blu-ray from Via Vision Entertainment.

The premise behind Blood Drive is a race across the country and focuses on Grace D’Argento as she wants to win this race so that she and her sister can live comfortably. However, things are complicated when a pair of cops stumble across the illegal race and Arthur Bailey becomes part of the race! This starts off a series of events that will take many twists and turns involving the racers and people outside the race as well. One of my most favorite characters is the master of ceremonies and that is Julian Slink as he has a way with words for getting the crowd worked into a frenzy.

One of the most ingenious things about this series is that each episode was devoted to a grindhouse trope. From zombies and cannibals to lawmen and amazons these are just some of the subjects that are covered during the thirteen episode run. And each of these episodes are masterfully reproduced on this four disc set.

However, I only have two problems with this set and the first one was I thought it was going to be an uncensored version as it was released on home video. Turns out it’s not as the censor bars are still there like they were from the SyFy aired version. Also, there are no special features on these discs at all. No making of the show or interviews with cast and characters not even a director’s commentary track. Nothing else. But this is the only way to get the show for right now and it is still an amazing show to watch.

If you missed the initial run of Blood Drive you need to go ahead and get this on either DVD or blu-ray. And yes the company is based out of Austrailia however, these are region free discs so they will work in any player.  For more information on this and other titles head over to and get ready to race in the Blood Drive.