Archie Comics First Looks – 7/8/15

Archie2015_01-0 Archie2015_01-0V-Campbell Archie2015_01-0V-Concention2 Archie2015_01-0V-Convention1 Archie2015_01-0V-Coover Archie2015_01-0V-DelRio Archie2015_01-0V-Eismavar Archie2015_01-0V-FF Archie2015_01-0V-Gaydos Archie2015_01-0V-Genev Archie2015_01-0V-Greene Archie2015_01-0V-Hack Archie2015_01-0V-Haspiel Archie2015_01-0V-Mac Archie2015_01-0V-Moritat Archie2015_01-0V-Norton Archie2015_01-0V-Ordway Archie2015_01-0V-Perez Archie2015_01-0V-Salas Archie2015_01-0V-Scott Archie2015_01-0V-sketch Archie2015_01-0V-Tristan Archie2015_01-0V-Williams Archie2015_01-0V-Zdarsky Archie2015_01-13 Archie2015_01-14 Archie2015_01-15 Archie2015_01-16
COMIC SUPERSTARS MARK WAID AND FIONA STAPLES REIMAGINE AN ICON! Change is coming to Riverdale in this can’t-miss kick-off to Archie’s new ongoing series! Familiar faces return in new and unexpected ways in this must-have #1 issue! As the new school year approaches, you’d think Archie Andrews would be looking forward to classes and fun—but nothing is as it seems in the little town of Riverdale. But is this a one-off or a sign of bigger changes awaiting for America’s favorite teens—and the entire town? Find out in this exciting and remarkable first issue!
Script: Mark Waid
Art: Fiona Staples, Andre Szymanowicz with Jen Vaughn, Jack Morelli
Regular Cover: Fiona Staples
SDCC Exclusive Covers: Fiona Staples
Variant Covers: J. Scott Campbell, Colleen Coover, Tania del Rio, Joe Eisma, Francesco Francavilla, Genevieve F.T., Michael Gaydos, Sanford Greene, Robert Hack & Steve Downer, Dean Haspiel, David Mack, Moritat, Mike Norton, Jerry Ordway & Jose Villarubia, Ramon K. Perez, Ron Salas, Greg Scott & Steve Downer, T. Rex & Andre Szymanowicz, Brittney Williams, Chip Zdarsky
Blank Sketch Cover Also Available
On Sale Date: 7/8
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

TheFox_04-0 TheFox_04-0V-1 TheFox_04-0V-2 TheFox_04-0V-3 TheFox_04-3 TheFox_04-4 TheFox_04-5 TheFox_04-6-7
“Fox Hunt, Part 4”

The FOX has been punched, thrown, stabbed, crushed, shot at and smothered by a virtual army of super villains—but nothing is stopping Paul Patton, Jr. from finding his son! But that was just for starters—get ready for intense action and psychedelic paranoia as The Fox straddles the line between reality and a world of NIGHTMARE! Who is behind all of this madness? Will Fox’s son, the Ghost Fox, make it out of the city alive? Find out as the hunt continues! Featuring cover art from Dean Haspiel, Irvin Rodriguez, Dirk Shearer and Jay Shaw!

Plot: Dean Haspiel
Art: Dean Haspiel, Rachel Deering and Allen Passalaqua
Script: Mark Waid
The Fox #4 CVR A Reg: Dean Haspiel
The Fox #4 CVR B Variant: Irvin Rodriguez
The Fox #4 CVR C Variant: Dirk Shearer
The Fox #4 CVR D Variant: Jay Shaw
On Sale Date: 7/8
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

BAndVFriendsComicsDoubleDigest_244-0 BAndVFriendsComicsDoubleDigest_244-2 BAndVFriendsComicsDoubleDigest_244-3 BAndVFriendsComicsDoubleDigest_244-8 BAndVFriendsComicsDoubleDigest_244-9
Josie and the Pussycats are back and take center stage in this brand new story! When the Pussycats are set to audition for “The Midvale Morning Show” summer concert series, infamous-meddler Alexandra Cabot does everything she can to ruin their chances and snag the spotlight all to herself! Will she succeed, or will she just make a monster out of herself? Find out in “Showstopper,” the hilarious lead story to this comics double digest!

Script: J. Torres
Art: Gisele Lagace, Jack Morelli
Cover: Fernando Ruiz, Bob Smith, Rosario “Tito” Peña
On Sale Date: 7/8
160-page, full color comic
$4.99 U.S.

Sonic_274-0 Sonic_274-0V Sonic_274-0Vmosaic Sonic_274-4 Sonic_274-5 Sonic_274-6 Sonic_274-7 Sonic_274-8
The heroes of the SONIC/MEGA MAN crossover event: AT WAR?! “Worlds Unite” Part Seven: The unified army is not so unified anymore!  What has driven Mega Man, X and their robot companions to attack Sonic and the Freedom Fighters?  Drs. Eggman and Wily may have the answer!  Or a weapon.  Could a weapon be the answer?  Or is it more trademark treachery?  Meanwhile, Sigma grows in power, preparing for the next phase of his master plan! And speaking of masters, this issue features cover art from master-artist Patrick “SPAZ” Spaziante, a Heroes Collide Throwback Variant cover from Rafa Knight and part 7 of the epic 12-part connecting variant cover series by artist Ben Bates!

Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Edwin Huang, Gary Martin, John Workman and Gabriel Cassata
Cover: Patrick “SPAZ” Spaziante
Heroes Collide Throwback Variant Cover: Rafa Knight
Covers Unite Variant (7 of 12): Ben Bates
On Sale Date: 7/8
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

Digital Exclusives: 7/10/15

ArchieRevolution-0 ArchieRevolution-3 ArchieRevolution-4 ArchieRevolution-5 ArchieRevolution-38 ArchieRevolution-39
It’s always important to have something worth fighting for, whether it’s an issue as big as equal rights or one as small as a raise in your allowance! The Riverdale kids are no strangers to making their voices heard when they want change. This digital exclusive collects two tales of Archie and friends taking on the establishment—and each other!
Script: Various
Art: Various
Cover: Fernando Ruiz
On Sale Date: 7/10
75-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

BandVFriendsBeachBash-0 BandVFriendsBeachBash-3 BandVFriendsBeachBash-4 BandVFriendsBeachBash-5 BandVFriendsBeachBash-18 BandVFriendsBeachBash-19

The Riverdale Shore is about to see the wildest party ever! Betty, Veronica and the gang are taking over the beach in this DOUBLE-SIZED digital exclusive collection. With all the sun, surf and swimsuits, it sounds like a paradise! Put on some sunscreen and join us!

Script: Various
Art: Various
Cover: Fernando Ruiz
On Sale Date: 7/10
200-page, full color comic
$6.99 U.S.

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