Predator World is No Where to Take A Vacation


When people think about vacations they think about going somewhere they’ve never been and relaxing with family or your significant other. You think about long walks on the beach, sipping on some exotic drinks and watching the sunset over a shimmering, blue ocean. However, if you went to this world you would be pressed to not only enjoy yourself but to survive. This is the premise behind the new movie Predator World from the folks over at Wild Eye Releasing.

Predator World starts out on the space cruiser Titan 1C which is classified as a star liner and some have said it is the most luxurious star liner ever built. However, as the cruiser is passing through a sector of space Titan 1C is hit by a meteor shower. This causes catastrophic damage to the ship and everyone is told to abandon the star liner. People usher into escape pods and they manage to survive just before the cruiser explodes. Six people make it to the surface of an unknown world and they have to figure out not only where they are but, what might be on this world. This world is inhabited by an alien race that is intent on slaughtering the survivors of this crash. The survivors need to scavenge anything that they can find in order to combat this new threat and hope for the chance of a rescue.

While it does sound like an interesting premise, this one however misses the mark with 90’s computer generated effects (that looked like they were pulled from a PS1 game). The movie also takes an uncomfortable turn for me as it felt as if times I was watching softcore porn. How was this even possible? Also, the only special features are trailers and that’s it. So if you were looking for a featurette or another commentary track on this film you’re not going to find it.

If you are looking for a serious entry in the Predator franchise (which is what I think what they were trying to encroach on) then give this movie a pass. However, if you want a schlocky / b-movie type of movie that you can poke fun of then I would recommend you picking this up so you can make fun of it with your friends. For more information on this and other great releases head over to and get ready to fight for your life on Predator World.