Pinky and the Brain by Quantum Mechanix Take Over the World


Review: Pinky and the Brain Q-Fig by Quantum Mechanix

Growing up I was always waiting for either the end of the school day or Saturday because that meant one thing to me and my sister.


We would watch a ton of cartoons ranging from the classics to even some of the more modern ones of the 80’s. As time wore on I heard about a series that Steven Spielberg put together named Animaniacs. I was intrigued as I still loved cartoons and now had a new series to explore which consisted of a bunch of smaller episodes and characters. One of the most prominent characters was Pinky and the Brain which were two lab mice bent on conquering the world (although Pinky kept messing that up).

Now Quantum Mechanix has released their first in the Warner Brothers Animation line and it is of course Pinky and the Brain. This 4” figure depicts the plotting Brain and the questioning Pinky as they are standing on a blueprint of Brain’s latest scheme. This is a gorgeous figure and is sculpted in great detail from the expressions on the characters faces to the folds in the blueprint that they are standing on. What I love about this figure is how true it holds up from the cartoon and it feels as if it leapt off the screen and into your living room.

This can be proudly displayed either in or out of the box (or if you got creative you could get a small cage to put this figure in!). And the price of this figure is very reasonable. It is set at $14.95 and it can either be bought from various outlets or directly from their shop at If you have a fan of Pinky and the Brain in your house you need to get them this collectible! If this is the first offering that Quantum Mechanix has to offer I cannot wait to see what they do next.