Titan Comics and Humble Bundle are delighted to announce the Humble Comics Bundle: Tank Girl 30th Anniversary by Titan!

You’re invited to the most raucous, messy, outrageous birthday celebration of the year! Launching on Wednesday October 10, and running for two-weeks, the bundle is a fantastic opportunity for you to discover this comic icon, or if you’re already an aficionado, to add to your digital library – while at the same time supporting the work of The Hero Initiative!

Born in 1988 in British indie comics magazine “Deadline”, co-creators Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett, delivered a foul-mouthed, chain-smoking, anarchic, shaven-haired heroine, who along with her main-squeeze, Booga the kangaroo, Jet Girl, Sub Girl and a host of other friends (and enemies) have gone on to be a scourge of the industry ever since.

This must-have birthday bundle takes you from the early black and white strips by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett; through to The Power of Tank Girl; Everybody Loves Tank Girl; Tank Girl Carioca; Bad Wind Rising; the return of Jamie Hewlett on 21st Century Tank Girl; the epic Tank Girl trilogy of Two Girls One Tank, Tank Girl Gold and World War Tank Girl by Alan Martin and artist Brett Parson; and two issues of the glorious The Wonderful World of Tank Girl.

Plus, a very special birthday requires something a little extra, and we present Tank Girl: Skidmarks available in digital for the first time, and a never-before-released, special edition of Tank Girl: Gold #2!

It’s gonna be one helluva’ ride!

Visit: https://www.humblebundle.com/books/tank-girl-30th-anniversary for more information.

The Humble Comics Bundle: Tank Girl 30th Anniversary by Titan will be available for purchase from October 10 at 11am PST to October 24, 2018 at 11am PST.

Praise for Tank Girl

“Sorry to gush so much, but I just haven’t enjoyed or laughed at a comic this much in a long time.” – Comic Bastards

“I loved this book and I can’t express it enough.” – Comics: The Gathering

“From the outrageous plot lines to the excessive violence that, like a Monty Python movie, verges on the absurd, Hewlett and Martin skewer every last pretension in the business and roast them on a barbecue.” – blogcritics

“The Wonderful World of Tank Girl is just as much insane, vulgar and gleefully gleefully provocative fun as the character has always been.” – Capeless Crusader

“Parson is a dirty, sexy, funny and violent artist, and his mastery of all these characteristics makes this a book worth picking up.” – Graphic Policy

“The Wonderful World of Tank Girl is a fitting homage to a cult icon who remains as relevant today as she was thirty years ago.” – Women Write About Comics

“Tank Girl: Two Girls One Tank” #1 is an excellent marriage of story and art.” – Comic Book Resources

“Nothing short of EPIC.” – ComicWow!TV

“I’m loving having Tank Girl back in my life. 5 twisted, curse filled stars way up!” – Fangirl Nation


TIER ONE: Pay $1 or more for…

Tank Girl Classic #1-5

Everybody Loves Tank Girl #1-3

The Power of Tank Girl (The Gifting/Visions of Booga/The Royal Escape)

Tank Girl: Carioca #1-6

Tank Girl: Bad Wind Rising #1-4


TIER TWO: Pay $8 or more for Tier One and…

21st Century Tank Girl complete collection

Solid State Tank Girl complete collection

Tank Girl Classic #6-10

Tank Girl: Full Color Classic #1

Tank Girl: Skidmarks – Humble Bundle Exclusive!


TIER THREE: Pay $15 or more for Tiers One, Two and…

Tank Girl Classic #11-14

Tank Girl: Two Girls One Tank complete collection

Tank Girl: Gold complete collection

World War Tank Girl complete collection

The Wonderful World of Tank Girl complete collection

Tank Girl: Gold #2 Special Edition – Humble Bundle Exclusive!

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