Is Henry Cavill out as Superman?


If you are a fan of the DC Universe there are a few good live action films that are out there however, some have missed the mark. I haven’t seen the Justice League movie yet not because I think it’s terrible it is just that I have zero interest in watching it. However, it seems that things might be getting worse for the DC Universe as it has come to light that Henry Cavill may be calling it quits with Warner Brothers.

What sparked this controversy is that Warner Brothers wanted to have Superman pop up in a few of the movies that are coming out. For example they wanted to have Superman show up in the new Shazam movie that is coming out next year. This sounds like an amazing opportunity however, Cavill has been pushing for a Man of Steel 2 movie and that is the only project he wants to work on. And with that the two sides clashed. They are trying to work things out however, Cavill was not having it and posted a cryptic video of him on Twitter of him just standing there, lifting a superman action figure (still in the package mind you) into frame and then lowering it.

Now for some this can be seen as a bargaining chip as this information was leaked to the internet and many people tweeted about this and tons of YouTubers have made videos about this. One of the more vocal ones about this is AngryJoeShow as he states the news as well as expresses his displeasure about this decision by Warner Brothers.

My whole take on this? I think the DCU as it stands now is dead as you had entries into the universe such as Suicide Squad and Justice League and both of these were disappointing. Sure there are upcoming movies such as Aquaman and Shazam which look amazing and THOSE two films should be the starting point of a reboot of a DCU. If you can get the formula down right you will get the fans as well as casual moviegoers to attend these films and rake in the big bucks. However, if Warner Brothers / DC decides to cast Michael B Jordan as Superman this could also spell disaster for this and other movies. Also if Cavill is out there’s rumors stating that Ben Affleck is calling it quits as well so this might have the studio scrambling to get two replacement actors for key roles in this universe.

What do you think about this whole fiasco? Do you think that Cavill did this on purpose as a bargaining chip? Let us know by commenting below!

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