New Games Hinted at the PC Gaming Show 2020

While there are going to be two new consoles released this year there are a lot of people that still game on the PC. There have been some really great games that have only been offered on the PC and this year we have gotten a peak at some of the ones that are going to be released.

Valheim is a game where you to try to survive against the elements and the monsters that inhabit the world. You will need to harvest and build structures as well as weapons and armor to stand a fighting chance. Ooblets was hinted at last year’s E3 and this game looks like a cross between Animal Crossing and Pokemon and it will be released this summer. Torchlight III is the latest in this action RPG series and it looks as if you will be battling monsters with new adventurers including a steam powered robot!

In Sound Mind is a horror adventure game that looks incredibly creepy but interesting as well as you will venture into nightmarish environments trying to survive. Airborne Kingdom allows you to create your own kingdom in the sky as you explore a barren wasteland and try to restore it to a former utopia. New Blood is an independent game company who specializes in first person games and they have released not one, not two, but SIX games you can go out and get for FREE! They are Gloomwood, Dusk, Amid Evil, Maximum Action, Unfortunate Spacemen, Faith, and Ultrakill and they can be found at Dwarfheim, Humankind and Icarus are a trio of games that focus on strategy and building as well as exploration.

Evil Genius 2 is the sequel to the original game in which you play an evil mastermind bent on taking over the world. The game looks amazing as you will have to build your own lair, send henchmen out on missions and repel spies from infiltrating your base. Humble Bundle is now making their own games and we have seen the trailer for Prodeus. This looks like a retro FPS in the same vein as Doom or Quake and looks like a blast to play. They also showed off Fae Tactics which allows you to explore a mystical world, Carto which is a puzzle based exploration game and Project Wingman which looks as if it can give Ace Combat a run for its money.

There were a lot of games shown off for the PC Gaming Show but some of these are worth mentioning including Inkulinati which is a hand drawn game where you battle fantasy units such as rabbits and bulls. Blightbound is a co-op fantasy action game in which you choose from three classes (warrior, assassin and mage) to free a kingdom from the evil Blight that afflicts it. Weird West reminds me a lot of Deadlands as you will go to the wild west that is inhabited by not only men but other creatures that are hell bent on killing you. Mortal Shell allows you to reclaim the bodies of the dead as you explore and fight monsters in a dark fantasy world. Rogue Lords has you filling in the shoes of the devil as you come back with some masters of evil such as Dracula or Baron Samedi.

These were some of the great games that were unleashed at the PC Gaming Show 2020. What games are you looking forward to playing? Let us know by commenting below!