New Console Called Madbox Claims to be Most Powerful Console

I remember when the Xbox One came out and I wanted to get a day one edition console so badly that I paid close to $1000 to get my hands on one. Yes, this is a true story and I feel like an idiot for doing so. However, for the people who have an Xbox One or PS4 the folks over at Slightly Mad Studios (the folks behind the Project Cars line) have unveiled they are working on a console called the MadBox.

They claim that this console is going to support VR headsets that are already out on the market and will run games in 4k or VR games at 60 FPS. Now if this sounds a bit too good to be true I have to agree as there are no specs for the console right now. Although the CEO of Slightly Mad Studios, Ian Bell tweeted that it will be equivalent to a “very fast PC 2 years from now”. Now this is where I get a bit nervous as the components for a PC are NOT cheap even if they are bought in bulk. Most companies that make consoles take a loss on the console as they know that the games are going to sell and make it money in the long run. Madbox however, at this moment does not have anyone on board and do the developers really want another console to make games for?

Also, they have said that this is going to be a worldwide console and they also have a few companies that are going to provide funding for this console as well. However, if some of the images are to be believed for the prototype this console looks REALLY ugly. It looks like a giant plastic molded M and where would you go ahead and put this thing!? There are other concepts that look more appealing including one that looks really amazing as it has the same form factor as a PS4 but has a digital readout showing what’s playing and any new activity.

My whole takeaway with this is everytime we see a new console being introduced into the market we get hyped for it only to have the rug pulled out from under us. Ouya is one of the biggest failures that came into the gaming industry and let us not forget the dumpster fire that is the Atari VCS. Supposedly that console is to be released this year and we STILL don’t have any specs for it.

So are you excited for the Madbox or do you think it will be crushed under the boots of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo? Let us know! We love hearing from you.