Mutant Epoch is A Must Have Wasteland RPG


Mutant Epoch is a mutant wasteland RPG you can sink your claws into

When I was living in Staten Island, NY I went to a yard sale that my friend Matthew was having. At the yard sale there was a game called Dungeons and Dragons that I had never heard of before. This was my introduction to roleplaying games and once I got a taste of it I was hooked. There was even a game store that is still in Woodbridge, NJ simply called The Game Room and this would be a hangout of mine for years to come. One day I was there with my father and TSR had a black catalog showing off the products that were to come out that year.

The one that hit me like a ton of bricks was Gamma World.

Instead of roleplaying as an elf or a dwarf in search of a dragon to steal his treasure you became a mutated creature trying to discover what happened to the ancients. This was simply amazing to me as I devoured most of the content that the first edition of Gamma World had to offer. However, as time progressed the releases of Gamma World seemed to get less impressive particularly with the last version that mimicked the boxed sets of D&D that were popular. I tried to find another system however, I didn’t have much luck.

Until I stumbled across Mutant Epoch.

On its surface the Mutant Epoch player’s handbook has everything you will need to play the game or run a campaign. It shows you step by step on how to create a character, resolve combat, get artifacts and more! There are also various races to play as from horrid mutants and mutated animals to lethal androids and pure stock humans. There is no shortage of ways to play in this world but what I love about it are the supplements that go deeper. Sure there are premade adventures that will challenge your players however, there are some supplements that I would purchase right off the bat.

And those are Pitford and The Crossroads Region and here’s why.

This not only gives you a giant map where your players can explore and have adventures in but it gives you places to explore with character. For example in the Pitford supplement it covers this city in complete detail from what stores are available to what you might encounter and even defenses that this city has to defend itself from exterior threats. And there are tons of adventure ideas spread out between these books along with maps and layouts of the terrain and villages that are within each of these supplements.

Bottom line. This is a game that you need to check out.

But don’t take my word alone for it there is a version of the Quick Start Rules that you can get 100% completely for free. Give this game a test drive and if you like it you can either purchase it in PDF form or in print as well. For more information on this game and the supplements for it head over to and get ready to experience the wasteland.