Last of Us 2: Explaining Gameplay

As a huge fanboy of the Last of Us series I can only hope you forgive me for what I say next, but the game looks beautiful. The sequel to the game, Last of Us 2, seems just as formidable and has me practically itching to play.

With the game slated to release June 20th, Naughty Dog has decided to release more gameplay footage to tantalize my soul. The newest trailer is called “Inside the Gameplay” and is about Ellie’s own methods of fighting back and how our actions affect our experience in the game.

The video is eight minutes in length and covers Ellie’s methods of engagement with the world, from running, to jumping, dodging, and crafting. Take a peek below!

As you can see from the trailer above, exploration is super important. Not only does it reward exploration by giving you more to craft, but exploration ensures you won’t miss scripted sequences. That is to say if you don’t explore you won’t have the same experience that your friend who is more thorough is having. From what we can see above though, the ability to dodge and hide really has me super excited for a nimble form of fighting.

One month away friends, to the day, I can’t wait.