Kevin Smith Recovering from Heart Attack


Kevin Smith has been someone that I was exposed to with watching his first movie Clerks back in the late 90’s. I found the movie relatable as I worked retail and the hell that it was and when I made my escape I never looked back. He went on to make such great films as Clerks II, Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back and the controversial Dogma.

Recently I found that he had suffered a heart attack after he was doing one of his shows. This hit home for me as he is almost 2 years my junior (I turn 49 on March 3rd). He had suffered a 100% blockage of the LAD artery known also as “the widow maker”. All I can say is if we were to lose this man we would have lost a national treasure. The thing that I love about this man is that he and I came from the same place.

New Jersey.

While he spent his time over at Redbank I was living in East Brunswick, NJ not too far from both the Route 18 and Route 1 Flea Markets  (or as he calls them dirt malls in Mallrats). If I could get a message to him the only thing I would want to say is get some rest and everyone here over at Comix Asylum wishes you a speedy and full recovery.