Image Comics’ Farmhand Coming to AMC

What I love about Image Comics is the myriad of worlds that they have given us. From epic sci-fi, fantasy and horror to other genres each of these comics transport us to a great land every month. One of the more notable comics has to be Farmhand where it takes something as simple as farming and turns it on its head.

Farmhand focuses on a farm run by Jedidiah Jenkins who instead of growing corn or wheat grows a different type of crop.

Body parts.

These body parts are fast healing and can be used in any body as they are simply plug and play. And the parts that he grows have been used to heal various ailments that were deemed impossible years ago. However, recently there is something underneath the soil that is turning the parts bad.

This comic is written and illustrated by Rob Guillory and has been recently been optioned by the folks over at AMC for a series. The series is going to be developed by Guillory as well as LaToya Morgan who has worked on shows such as Into the Badlands and The Walking Dead. In fact Rob Guillory had this to say about the show being developed:

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to bring Farmhand to AMC,” said Guillory. “I knew if I was ever going to adapt Farmhand, I’d need partners whose bold vision preserved and complemented my own, and I’ve found that with LaToya Morgan and the fine folks at AMC. Their enthusiasm for this project has been absolutely infectious, and I think together we’re going to make a show that is very unique and very special.”

What do you think about Farmhand being developed into a show on AMC? Do you think this is going to be a worthy addition to AMC’s lineup? Let us know by commenting below!