If They’re Inside You Are Already Dead

Everyone wants to at some point get away from it all whether it would be for a vacation or to work on a project. What if you went to a remote location and you found out that you weren’t exactly alone? Would you have the strength to deal with these intruders or would you succumb to their desires? This is the setting behind the new film called They’re Inside from Epic pictures. 

This film starts out with a brother (Robin) and his sister (Cody) going to a remote cabin in the woods to film a project that they are both passionate about. However, as they are working they are confronted by some masked strangers who want to do them harm. As the duo try to work together to fend off the invaders they also must encounter their dark past as they try to survive. Will the pair be able to keep things together in order to survive this ordeal or will they become another notch on these killers’ belts? All I can say is this was an enjoyable movie as you find out more about Robin and Cody as it goes along and this film will keep you on the edge of your seat until the dramatic conclusion. 

This disc also contains a few special features that you will want to watch after the film is done. There are two audio commentaries with the first having the writer/director John-Paul Panelli and co-writer Schuyler Brumley and the second filmmaker commentary just features the director John-Paul Panelli. There are four small behind the scenes featurettes including the making of two of the masks, the original ax chop as well as an audition from Alex Rinehart. Also, included are both the teaser trailer and the original trailer for this film. And last but not least there are two short films which are Loop and Paranormal Ex-Tivitiy

If you love films that deal with found footage as well as films such as The Strangers then you need to check out They’re Inside. For more information on this and other films go ahead and check out www.epic-pictures.com and remember to keep the doors locked.