Horror Pack’s New Subscription Service.. Coffin Block!


The folks over at Horror Pack have been busy as they are not only looking to deliver the best in horror blu-rays and DVDs but they have another sinister project up their sleeve. It seems that they have been digging in the graveyard and are ready to unearth their new monthly box.

The Rue Morgue Coffin Box is the newest addition to the Horror Pack family and each month the coffin will be filled to the brim with tons of ghoulish goodies including:

  • The newest issue of Rue Morgue magazine delivered straight to your house, apartment or crypt.

  • A movie selected by Horror Pack so you know you will get something great to watch on those dark and stormy nights.

  • Other items which will include wearables, pins, collectibles and toy as they all pertain to the bloody side of horror that we love so much

  • And lots more!

If this sounds like it could be your cup of blood.. err I mean tea then you need to point your browser to: https://horrorpack.com/ruemorguecoffinbox/ and sign up for the mailing list. Also make sure to check out the facebook page (over at: https://www.facebook.com/TheHorrorPack/ ) for updates and discussions on what you might want to see in this coffin box.