Google Stadia E3 Announcement and…It Looks Bad?

A few months ago we covered the announcement that Google was getting into the gaming space. Now with E3 right around the corner they held an event on 6/6/2019 to discuss more about the games and pricing of their newest service.

And I for one won’t be getting one and here’s why.

First, you need a really good connection and you’d better pray to god you don’t have a data cap because Google is going to eat through that quickly. They are requesting you have at least a 35mbs/s transfer for 4k gaming and Dolby sound however, this can work with as little as 5mbs/s but, you will only get 720p and stereo sound.

Next if you want to experience these games in 4k you will have to be subscribed to their service called Stadia Pro. This will cost you $10/month and includes some of the games that can be streamed. However, it doesn’t include ALL of the games available on the platform so if you wanted to play Division 2 on this platform. You are going to have to buy this game.

Now let that sink in for a minute. You are going to buy a game without the chance to even  have the game in your library. Really? So you are going to spend the same price on a PS4 game just to play it here?

Also, if you want a controller for this you will need to go ahead and buy it at $70 per controller. There is also a founders edition that will cost $129 that comes with a controller, chrome-cast ultra, a copy of Destiny 2 complete with the latest DLC, 3 months of Stadia Pro and a buddy pass for 3 months as well.

If you want to play gaming on the go you’d better have a Google Pixel because that is the ONLY phone currently supported for playing on the go. So this will cost you over $700 to be the first to play with the Google Stadia. That is MORE than the current gen systems right now!

What do you think about this new service from Google? Will you embrace this or just skip over it? Let us know! We love hearing from you!