Get Ready to Fight in the Sister Street Fighter Collection

Most of the marital arts movies that I have seen when I was growing up on Staten Island on a Saturday afternoon were obscure and amazing. However, there was one film that stuck in my head and it was called Sister Street Fighter and it was amazing. Now the folks over at Arrow have collected all four of these movies into the Sister Street Fighter Collection but will it deliver the same punch as I remember?

The Sister Street Fighter Collection focuses on Li Koryu who is half-Chinese / half-Japanese and travels to Yokohama to investigate the disappearance of her brother, an undercover cop. This starts a series an events as that throws her into the mix of some great fights and there are a few movies that followed this one. Sister Street Fighter: Hanging By A Thread and Return Of The Sister Street Fighter, with a final unrelated follow-up Sister Street Fighter: Fifth Level Fist helmed by original Street Fighter director Shigehiro Ozawa appearing in 1976.These are amazing martial art films and are all enjoyable to watch in their own right.

Another thing that makes this amazing as there are a few special features included with these discs. Other than a booklet that is enclosed with the collection (note: I didn’t get this as I had received a screener copy) there are not many special features. There are original trailers for all of the four films as well as new video interviews with actor Shinichi Sonny Chiba, director Kazuhiko Yamaguchi, and screenwriter Masahiro Kakefuda. There are also stills and a poster gallery that rounds out the special features on the disc.

If you love martial arts films you need to check out the Sister Street Fighter Collection. For more information on this and other films head over to and get ready to fight on the streets.