Get Ready to Enter the No End House

One of the traditions of Halloween has to be the haunted house and the gambit varies on this. Some are run out of peoples houses that range from just slapped together pieces to some that rival the massive haunted attractions out there. Then you have the massive attractions that spend hundred of thousands of dollars to keep people coming back scared year after year. However, what if there was a haunted attraction that was more than just cheap scares? What if there was a haunted attraction that was a bit all too real? This is the premise behind Channel Zero’s second season entitled No End House.

No End House focuses on several characters who are Margot Sleator, John Sleator, Jules Koja, Seth Marlowe, Dylan, JT and Lacey. They stumble across a haunted house in an otherwise quiet neighborhood but quickly find out that this house is more than meets the eye. Each of the rooms that they encounter has horrifying visages that they cannot believe and it is a wonder that anyone will make it out alive. Who will make it all the way through the house and out the other side? Or will the house claim all of these souls?

This is an amazing entry in the Channel Zero series and you could easily binge the entire six episode series over an entire weekend. The only problem that I have with this set is there are no special features included on the disc. However, all six of the episodes are on one disc so that makes it extremely easy to binge watch this entire series in one sitting.

If you love the Channel Zero series you need to check out No End House and to go and get your very own copy go to and get ready to enter the No End House.