Get Ready for Some Sleepless Nights



Everyone gets them and they can be something that can be silly to something that can stick with you long after you awaken. I recently had a nightmare about a creature that looked like it was from the Nun but had a very pronounced fanged mouth. The folks over at Wild Eye Releasing have given us a new release called Sleepless Nights. But is this a release that you will actually lose sleep over?

Sleepless Nights is an anthology film and in the same vein there are several tales done by various directors and out of them only two have done shorts. The rest have done some pretty memorable films such as Todd Sheets (who gave us Bonehill Road) and Brad Twigg (who was behind WrestleMassacre). Not to give anything away about these shorts, but it’s a great watch to see these stories come to the small screen as there is enough blood and gore to keep the horror fan watching this movie from beginning to end.

This to me could have been a better release however, there are no special features on it at all. Honestly guys, you could have done some interviews with some of the creators about their inspiration for the film, what they are working on next, etc.

If you love anthology movies you need to check this one out and for more great films go to and be prepared to have some sleepless nights.