Get Ready for a Trip Through Lovecraft Country

One of the things that I love about any aspect of entertainment are the works that are done and inspired by HP Lovecraft. From the wonderfully shot Color out of Space to the masterfully crafted game The Sunken City there are tons of great stories that are out there waiting to be discovered.

Last month during the announcements coming out of SDCC@home, HBO released a trailer for a new series which is set in 1950’s Jim Crow America called, Lovecraft Country. The main characters Atticus Freeman, his friend Letitia and his Uncle George set off in search of his missing father. However, not all is at it seems as these three characters are African-American and they have to deal with the various types of monsters in America. On one hand you have the racist people who look down on people of color as lesser people and on the other hand you have monsters that look as if they were ripped from the pages of the Necronomicon.

HBO’s Lovecraft Country is also being produced by J.J. Abrams as well as Jordan Peele! This looks to be a great series to consume during the drought of entertainment that we are all starved for. This series will make its premiere on August 16th on HBO and I cannot wait to see this. Are you excited for this new series? Let us know as we love to hear what you think!