The Sinking City is Waves of Fun


Madness. Despair. Hopelessness.

These are some of the emotions that you will feel if you play this game.

The Sinking City is a new game for the PC that is being developed by Frogwares Studios. These folks have given us some other games based off of otherworldly horrors such as Magrunner, a puzzle game that is set in the future where people compete for a cash prize. However, it becomes more sinister than that as the dark gods are unveiled and believe me it is definitely a game worth playing.

But back to The Sinking City. This game looks amazing as it is an open world where you are free to explore. You are a private investigator and you’ve come to the small town of Oakmont in New England, Massachusetts. There is a slight problem as the city seems to be filling up with water and the folks that hired you think there is something sinister behind this. You will be wading through hip deep water as you explore and fight against the things that lie beneath the waves.

What I love about this game is that Frogwares has designed a tool that will generate the city from scratch. This means once you lay the groundwork for the city, as in which parts are residential and which parts are industrial, you can map out the city and press a button. In a matter of moments the city will bloom to life and you have created your own personal playground to hunt or be hunted in. And it gets better. Once the game is released the tools will be released so it will allow the players to create and tell their own tales of misery.

I am really excited for this game as they are taking inspiration from the works of HP Lovecraft and making it their own. If you want to learn more about the game and how it is progressing go to and get ready to be sucked under the waves of The Sinking City.

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