Everyone is DYING to Ride the CarousHELL

Growing up in Staten Island I have told stories about going down to Seaside Heights, NJ for the summer. We would spend the summer as a family playing on the beach and enjoying the town and the boardwalk during the night. On the boardwalk there were many attractions and it was home to not one but two carousels. I can remember the beautifully painted horses, tigers, lions, etc and wondered one time what if they were real? What if the beast that I was on suddenly came to life and caused chaos? This the premise behind the new Wild Eye release known as CarousHELL but is this a ride that you will want to go on?

CarousHELL focuses on a unicorn who is part of a carousel for a local fair by the name of Duke. He has been putting up with kids riding on his back for far too long and when one of these rugrats goes too far he has had enough. He breaks free from his prison and decides that he is going to murder anyone that gets in his way. What follows is a murderous romp as you can see this unicorn get revenge on all the people who had done him wrong. If you take your horror seriously then you might want to look elsewhere however, if you think that a murderous unicorn carousel horse sounds right up your alley you’ll probably love this film.

The ride isn’t over when the movie is finished as there are a few special features to keep you entertained. First there is a commentary track on the movie on how it was made as well as interviews with the cast of the movie. There are also a few deleted scenes that didn’t make the final cut as well as trailers for other Wild Eye releases. Also, there is a blooper reel so you can see some of the great outtakes that went into making this film.

So if you want a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously but has more than a bit of blood and gore you need to give CarousHELL a look. For more information on this and other films head over to http://www.wildeyereleasing.com/ and get ready for the ride of your life.