Iron Fist Season 2 Strengthens Its Chi


After the events from the first season of Iron Fist as well as the epic mini-series the Defenders we are now back with the second season of Iron Fist however, there are dark forces that are conspiring against Danny Rand and his friends. Will he be able to make it out alive or will he succumb to these forces?

Please note there are some spoilers in this re-cap however, the major ones I am going to leave out as those are best experienced by yourself.

The series starts out as there is an armored truck making its way through the streets of Chinatown. As the Hand was dispatched by the Defenders this has left a gaping hole where many factions are trying to get a foothold. The most powerful of these two triads are the Golden Tigers who run a protection racket as they shakedown local businesses for money and the Hatchet Gang that controls the docks and all cargo going in and out of that area. The truck is hijacked by the Hatchet Gang however, the Iron Fist steps in to save the day. Later on in the same episode we see that Colleen has received a box from a mysterious benefactor. This box belonged to her ancestors and bears her family’s crest. Davos (who is a major protagonist in this season) goes head to head with the leader of the Hatchet Gang as he is trying to get something into the port which he can use against Danny Rand. Also introduced for the first time is a character called Mary however, when she meets up with Danny is this something that is just a random chance or was this planned out all along?

Finn Jones as Marvel’s Iron Fist Photo Credit: Linda Kallerus/Netflix

There is also a lot of tension between Ward and Joy in this series as Joy wants nothing more to do with Rand Enterprises and Ward has expressed his displeasure at this. Danny immediately signs the paperwork as he doesn’t care either way to give Joy what she wants. Also, Davos is not only trying to get a shipment into the port previously run by the Hatchet Gang but is looking to procure an ancient copper bowl. What is the significance of this and what plans is Davos trying to spring on Danny Rand as well as Chinatown? This and other questions will be answered in this season of the Iron Fist.

I will say this after watching the ten episode series and then presented with the conclusion I must say that I am excited to look forward to season three! This season might be slow in spots however, it is trying to tell the story as well as give you some of the background between Danny Rand and Davos as well. You will learn a few things that you did not know before as well as experience their battles against one another.

If you are a fan of the Iron Fist you will want to check out this series and with most of the episodes coming in under an hour it is something that can be seen in a few nights. Have you seen the second season of Iron Fist? What did you think of it? Let us know! We love to hear your thoughts on this show!

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