AMC Drops Fear the Walking Dead Season 4B Trailer


Storms, Walkers and Survivors Plague the Fear the Walking Dead SDCC Trailer

Fear the Walking Dead started earlier this year and I will say so far it is has been a rollercoaster ride. With the introduction of new characters as well as some surprise deaths of the main cast it is no wonder that this is an amazing show. Not to mention that we also have Morgan from The Walking Dead on this show as it continues his character arc. Recently the folks over at AMC released a trailer for SDCC for the 2nd half of season 4 and all I can say is it looks like they are up for some more problems and we are not just talking about walkers.

The weather will become a factor in this season of Fear the Walking Dead as we see severe storms throw the walkers around like bowling pins. They are thrown into the air and land on cars and go through other structures. Also, we see what the aftermath of this storm has caused as we see ruined cars, flooded vehicles and zombies and other property strewn around the landscape. During this storm it is hinted that the group is separated. We can see they are trying to get back together and in the midst of this there is an introduction of a new group of survivors. These people are travelling in a modified big rig and they are looking for the same thing everyone else is.

A place to call their own.

All I can say is after watching this trailer a half dozen times I cannot wait for this show to start up again. Fear the Walking Dead starts up on August 12th on AMC and if you wanted to watch the official San Diego Comic Con Trailer you can watch below.

For more information on what is to come and to recap what has already happened head over to and get ready to fight the dead and fear the living.

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