Orion Pictures is Back with The Domestics!


Growing up in the 80’s there were a lot of films that were released in the theaters. One of the studio logos that I saw in the theaters was Orion Pictures. Robocop, The Terminator and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure were some of the films that came out from this amazing studio. However, back in the late 1990’s they released flop after flop and then proceeded to claim bankruptcy. And that would be end of Orion Pictures.

Or so we thought.

One day while on YouTube I saw a trailer for The Domestics pop up and I gave it a watch and it started out like a normal day. Until these planes flew overhead spewing out this black smoke that covered the skies.

And after that we were treated to a title screen that said Orion Classics!

So Orion is back! And The Domestics looks as if it is one of their first releases. It tells the tale of a post apocalyptic America and how the downfall of our country made the survivors band together into tribes. The tribes are Gamblers, Sheets, Plowboys, Cherries, Nailers and The Domestics. The main characters are trying to leave their home turf to go 200 miles through eight gang territories to find the main characters mother.

All is not as it seems and this is not a simple road trip as they have to deal with murderous gangs along the way. They will also meet up with people who are just trying to survive in this wasted land. This movie has a real Road Warrior meets the Road type of vibe as the characters are gritty showing off the dust and dirt of a once great nation.

And the best part about this movie? It comes out on demand June 29th which means by the time you read this it will either be out in a day or already out! If you are a lover of post apocalyptic films I strongly urge you to check this out! So what do you think about the rebirth of Orion and this new film? Do you think this will spur new great films or will this be a flash in the pan? Let us know! We love to hear from you!

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