Diablo IV Rocks Blizzcon 2019!

With the letdown of last year’s Blizzcon as the company unveiled Diablo Immortal and with the tagline “Do you not all have phones?” fans were nervous coming into Blizzcon 2019. However, Blizzard brought the thunder this year as they have unveiled their latest in the Diablo Series.

Yes folks, hell is coming and it is called Diablo IV.

In this trailer you are exposed to the three heroes that are going to make up the game. The three look to be a female sorcerer, a male barbarian and a male druid character that can shapeshift into a bear! The game looks amazing as players can use a variety of attacks against the various enemies that you will encounter in the world.

What are your thoughts about this latest installment of this iconic series? Are you excited for this new game? Let us know as we love to hear what you think!