DC Future State Ushers in Big Changes for 2021

For fans of the DC Universe 2021 will start off with a bang after DC Future State was announced by the publisher. Beginning in January, DC Future State will kick off a two-month event spanning DC’s entire line of books. According to the publisher the title lineup will feature a combination of monthly and twice monthly oversize anthologies, as well as a monthly schedule of miniseries and one-shots. 

DC Future State will transport fans into a variety of futures, some distant and others not that far away featuring the World’s Greatest Heroes in new capacities and all-new characters finding themselves in established roles. 

Following the reality altering events of Dark Knights: Death Metal, which is slated to hit store shelves in early January, DC’s Multiverse will be helmed by stellar talents such as Mariko Tamaki, Brian Michael Bendis, Joelle JonesCully Hammer and new voices such as John Ridley, Paula Sevenbergen and Brandon Easton. 

DC Future State promises to shake things up across the DC Multiverse. Running across the Batman, Superman and Justice League Family of books a tsunami of change lays ahead, including a future Gotham where Batman is dead and masked vigilantes are outlawed, Superman has been exiled from Earth, an all-new secretive Justice League emerges and the Green Lanterns are stranded in the shadow of a dead power battery. 

DC Future State’s two month run begins in January 2021.