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If you have a comic book fan on your holiday list the choices are overwhelming on what to get them. What if you have a fan that’s on your list that loves a bunch of different genres other than superheroes? Is there anywhere you can turn to give those people on your list something great and original? The folks over at 451 have heard the pleas of the fans. They’ve created nine titles that you should take a look at for those on your list who are hard to please. Please note that the first five titles are either out now or can be pre-ordered. The rest are going to be released next year but trust me these are going to be worth the wait.

Self Storage: Inspired by some of the reality shows like Storage Wars this tale follows a man named Chris Smith. He has always gone to these storage locker auctions and has made a great living through this until the day he bought unit #83. This auction was one of the odd ones as he was bidding on the contents sight unseen. Locked up in this storage unit is a zombie named Jessica. What would you do if you found something like this? Would you keep it or would you do something else? This beautifully illustrated graphic novel can be yours for $19.99.

Humbug: We have all heard the stories of a Christmas Carol where Ebenezer Scrooge is haunted by the ghosts of Christmas. But what if that experience changed him for the better? What if he believed in the paranormal so devoutly that he dedicated his life to it? This is answered in this tome as he opens up the first paranormal agency for hire called Humbug. In his employ are not only his nephew Fred but also Bob Cratchit and a grown up six foot tall Tiny Tim! This is an amazing tale that stays within the spirit of Christmas and can be yours for $19.99.

Stained: In the future there is still need for people to get their hands dirty and when they need the best they call on Emma London. A bounty hunter/recovery artist by trade she is more human than human because she is part machine. When she gets a tip about a priceless painting that has gone missing she finds herself in the middle of something that was more sinister than she could ever dream of. Written by David Baron and illustrated by Yusuf Idris Stained is a book that will lead you on a wild ride and the admission is only $15.99.

NVRLND: We all grew up with the stories and cartoons about Peter Pan and how he could fly and spirited children to Neverland. NVRLND takes that story and turns it on its head setting it in modern day Los Angeles. We are introduced to Wendy Darling as she befriends a feisty Tiger Lily as they both attend Hollywood High. Wendy is talked into going into a local nightclub called NVRLND where she falls for the leader of a rock band named Peter. However, Peter is not all he’s cracked up to be and is tangled up with a man named James Hook. And this man is developing a new strain of drug called Pixie Dust that makes kids believe that they can fly. This dark twist on this tale can be picked up for the classic lovers on your list for $15.99.

Sunflower: How far would you go to get back the ones you love? For CJ that seemed not to be possible as ten years ago her husband and 9 year old daughter were murdered near the California/Arizona border. Overwhelmed with the remorse of not being with her family and the unending rage that the people who committed this atrocity were never captured, she struggles to live on. The years have dragged on until one day she receives a letter in the mail and there is no return address or much to go on. In the letter there is written on a piece of paper one word: Sunflower. With that CJ knows her daughter is alive and will stop at nothing to get her back. This tale of a mother who will do anything to get her daughter back is only $19.99.

S6x: This is a perfect book for those that love stories such as Savages or Narcos as it deals with warfare and cartels. Sarah has a farm and where it is makes it perfect for the cartel to use it as a springboard to ferry drugs into the United States. She becomes a target of the cartel and when this happens she contacts her husband’s old squad. The 51 Sand Scorpions are an elite unit that served in the Iraq war and have been in conflicts before. But will this prove to be too much for even their skills to handle? This comes from master author George Pelecanos who has brought to life some great stories including Treme, The Pacific, The Wire and The Deuce. S6x would be an excellent gift for those that love his work and it’s available for pre-order at $24.99.

Red Dog: This novel takes place in the distant future where mankind has learned to colonize planets and it centers around a young boy named Kyle Harmon. He is the only kid on this planet full of adults on a mineral rich planet known as Kirawan. To keep him company his uncle builds him a canine companion out of cybernetic parts and Kyle names him Red. When his friend Red goes missing however, he will stop at nothing to get his cybernetic dog back – no matter the odds and no matter how many horrid creatures he might face. This book will be available next year and will retail for $19.99 and looks to be an amazing book for the sci-fi fans on your list.

Bad Moon Rising: There has been a rash of murders in the small town of Talbot, Virginia and it is up to Sheriff George Hanlon to find those who are responsible. But, when he is killed his son Teddy returns home to find his father’s legacy in tatters. All the while a local biker gang by the name of the Lunar Cycles has made their presence known. However, this is no ordinary biker gang as these are werewolves and they live to feed. A cross between the Sons of Anarchy and True Blood this book pits small town folk against a breed of wolf that is engineered to kill. Coming out sometime next year this book will set you back $19.99 but your horror fans will love this one.

Ex Mortis: There were many atrocities carried out by the Nazis during the Second World War but when they find a diary everything starts to change. Especially when this diary had belonged to the late Victor Von Frankenstein. Dubbed Project: Ex-Mortis by its creators this undead legion of soldiers look to turn the tide of their losing war. The allies get a brilliant idea to recruit their own supernatural soldiers and soon a great team is assembled consisting of the greatest monsters of all time. Frankenstein, Dracula, The Phantom of the Opera, Wolfman and the Gillman are recruited to help prevent Germany from ruling the world. This WWII/Horror epic can be bought next year for $24.99

This is only a sampling of what 451 has in store for its readers in the coming months. To find out more about each title and to see an animated teaser for most of them point your browsers at https://www.4five1.com/ and get ready to discover a new way to experience comics.

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