Channel Zero Takes You Back to Butcher’s Block

We all have been there as you have moved to a new city or town and wondered about what has gone on before you got here. I remember moving to my small corner of Staten Island and wondering what was in the woods that was at the end of the street. Was it filled with animals or was something more sinsister going on in those woods? This is also the premise behind the third season of SyFy’s hit Channel Zero and this installment is called Butcher’s Block.

Butcher’s Block follows Alice Woods as she has moved to this part of the world with her sister Zoe. Zoe is her older sister and is mentally ill and as Alice takes care of her she starts to notice that something is not right in the town of Butcher’s Block. This starts off a series of events as the pair team up with another local cop by the name of Luke Vanczyk. He wants to follow in his father’s footsteps as there is a rash of old people going missing. I won’t say much more but what I will say is that you are in for a hell of a ride with this season of Channel Zero.

This single disc has all six of the episodes so you can watch them either at your lesiure or binge watch them during a weekend. However, there are no special features on this disc which is a shame as I wanted to see an interview with some of the cast about this season. However, it is a great way to get the show on blu-ray and it is also region free so it can be played in any blu-ray player.

If you love this season of Channel Zero then you need to pick up your own copy on blu-ray. For this and many other great titles head over to and get ready to explore Butcher’s Block.