Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a Big Disappointment


The hype train has been going full steam ever since Call of Duty: Black Ops IV (Although I have NO idea why it’s IIII) was announced. However, it has lost steam as the developer Treyarch has said there isn’t going to be a single player campaign. The reason that it was cancelled is that supposedly it was “too out there” and they didn’t want to give us that experience.

Well today was the day of the reveal for Black Ops 4 and I can safely say IMHO… looks terrible.

Hear me out.

The reason I say this is that Black Ops 4 for the multiplayer trailer looks EXACTLY like Black Ops 3 but it is all boots on the ground and with “supposed” modern weapons. The characters look as if they are right out of Black Ops 3 with a character jumping up into the air and performing a ground attack a la Ruin from Black Ops 3! Granted we have some new gadgets that either allow a player to see the enemy team on the battlefield or some type of trip mine that people can detonate. However, some new toys do not a great game make.

There are also three…yes…three Zombies modes as one takes place during the Roman Empire Gladiatorial Era (IX), another takes place during some type of cruise during the 1940’s (Voyage of Despair) and the third takes place GOD knows when by the look of the trailer (Blood of the Dead).

Also we got Blackout which is Treyarch’s foray into Battle Royale saying its the biggest map they ever done and you’ll have access to land, sea and air vehicles. Ok? So what? There are tons of battle royale games out there and right now I am playing Fortnite and I am not even PLAYING the Battle Royale game! Because Epic Games KNOWS how to tell a story! Unlike Treyarch.

In short…I think the Black Ops series is dead. They could have taken it in 100 different directions but to me this feels like a cash grab more than anything else. It feels like they took Black Ops 3 and slapped coats of paint on it and went “OK! Here you go!” If you don’t like this don’t support the game. Flat out don’t buy it. I’m not. Hell I will probably get a review copy and play it for a few hours and go…”Meh…whatever”.

What do you guys think? Is Black Ops dead? Let us know!