Breath Of The Wild In First Person: Looks Annoying

I know full immersion seems to be the direction we’re heading in for gamers. Especially as people seem to slowly fall to the allure of VR. That said, I’m not so easily swayed. Now that isn’t to say that I can’t see why people enjoy it. Full immersion and feeling like you’re the video game character is something that gamers can easily crave. However, I feel like people tend to forget one important factor. That being, we make our game characters do some annoying shit.

Take for instance the new Breath of The Wild Mod that is called simply “First Person View” and runs on a CEMU emulator. While you can see from the footage below that it looks cool at first, it could prove especially tedious during the many tasks we have Link performing. These tasks range from climbing walls, which would have you staring at an expanse of hard brick for seemingly an eternity. To solving puzzles in the shrines, which I often found needed a full 360 point of view to do right.

While going through the expanse that is Hyrule will likely be enjoyable, and fighting enemies might be fun, I can’t see myself using the first-person perspective for anything beyond that. It’s important to note that while the camera seems to pull out to a third person view during combat, swimming, and climbing in this video footage. It was modded even further to remove a lot of those instances.

So if you’re looking to feel like an adventurer by the name of Link, here’s your chance before Nintendo finds this mod and destroys it with a vengeance.