Black Mirror Rears It’s Head with Bandersnatch

When I was growing up in the ‘80’s gaming was really in it’s infancy. Publishers were trying to outdo one another or just crank out game after game that people would buy. There were more than a few classics released during this time that pushed the envelope such as Bard’s Tale, Castle Wolfenstein and Wasteland to name a few. But what if you were tasked to not just play these games but to write one that would put a game company on the map? Would you be able to handle the pressure or would you succumb to it? This is the backdrop of the latest Black Mirror event that is being called Bandersnatch.

Bandersnatch takes place in England in the 1980’s where an aspiring young computer programmer named Stefan (played by Fionn Whitehead) has been conscripted by a local computer game company. His assignment is to make a game out of a classic adventure novel named Bandersnatch. However, the creator of the novel was also insane as he chopped off his wife’s head. Stefan is offered drugs to help complete the project but we see in the trailer that he flushes them but starts to have episodes. In these episodes there are things that are referenced that did not exist before and there are things that are supposed to be there but are no longer.

Stefan will not only have to fight to complete this project but also struggle as past, present and future are all in balance. Will he be able to make it through or will he succumb to the madness? We will not have to wait long for this movie as it drops on Netflix on 12/28/2018. Yes.  You heard right. By the time you are reading this it should be either close to being on or already on Netflix. So what are you waiting for! Go watch this great entry in the Netflix universe and be ready to go down the rabbit hole with the Bandersnatch.