Black Metal’s tale in Lords of Chaos

When I was growing up the internet wasn’t even thought of and the only way to find out about anything was through magazines. I remember reading issues of Metal Edge and seeing some more extreme bands that were preaching Satan and blood sacrifices. This was the beginning of my exposure to Black Metal and there were bands that took it to the next level. One of these bands was Mayhem and this is their story in the Lords of Chaos.

This movie is the semi true story of the Norwegian Black Metal band Mayhem and a seventeen year old Euronymous wants to leave his Scandinavian small town to create the epitome of black metal. Two other youths join in his crusade and they are called Dead and Varg and they want to unleash their creative music onto the world. They are driven by their need to spread their dark message and go around the countryside doing so. However, instead of just playing venues and selling CD’s they do some nefarious deeds to get themselves noticed. This band burns down churches and steals tombstones for their local record store. As the band starts to gain notoriety Euronymous takes more and more credit for the acts of atrocities that the band has committed. Will the rest of the members of the band let this slide? If you are a fan of metal you need to check out this movie. There aren’t many special features on this disc as there are only trailers for other films.

If you are a fan of metal films you need to check out the Lords of Chaos. For more information on this and other great movie head over to and get ready to spread some chaos.