Bank Heist Gone Wrong in The Vault

As I grew up in Staten Island I went to Manhattan a lot however, I never really witnessed a crime. I wouldn’t know what to do if I was involved in a bank robbery but what if you were involved in a bank robbery? What if things started to go wrong and you couldn’t explain what was happening? This is the setting of an amazing film that is simply called The Vault.

The Vault takes place during a bank robbery and two sisters, Vee and Leah are the brains behind the heist. However, they’ve also brought in Michael (Leah’s brother), Kramer and Cyrus and as they secure the safe they find out they have only scored $70,000. To them that’s not enough. They threaten the bank manager (player by James Franco) and he tells them there is six million stored in a vault underneath the bank. He says it is a very old section of the bank and no one goes down there. What happens next is a series of unexplanable events as the robbers see horrifying visions and wonder if they are going to get out of there alive. This to me is one of those films that drags you in and then keeps you in suspense until the very end and it’s a well put together piece of cinema.

The only special feature that is on this disc is the theatrical trailer which to me was a shame. I would have loved a commentary track from the director to see what went into making this film.

If you want a unique take on the bank job genre of films you need to check out The Vault. For more great films check out and get ready to go back into the vault.