Hasbro Surprises With Marvel Exclusives at SDCC 2018


This morning I felt like a kid on Christmas and I am not even at San Diego Comic Con this year! However, with all the live feeds that are going on it is amazing to see what is coming out of the con for this year as well as next year. One of the companies that I had covered for the collectibles article and I thought was done was Hasbro. However, they proved me wrong yet again as they had a few more showstoppers to unleash on everyone!

The first is that loveable merc with a mouth Deadpool as he is getting his own line of Deadpool Chimichanga Surprise with Mystery Filling! Each of these is going to contain 1 random 2 inch figure, an accessory for the figure as well as a sticker sheet. There are 12 figures to collect in this first wave and the figures range from Deadpool riding a unicorn to Pandapool! And each of the six figures has a variant so that makes twelve in all so go ahead and get one or a thousand! These will be available in Fall 2019 for $7.99 each and they are a must if you love that merc with a mouth. 

Next up we have four new Marvel Legends 6” figures and they all deal with the Black Panther universe. You will have your choice of Ayo, Black Panther, Ulysses Klaue and even T’Chaka clad as the Black Panther!  These are going to retail for $19.99 each and they are well worth the price. My favorite has to be T’Chaka as he looks badass clad in his suit with traditional Wakandan garb. There is also a vintage assortment of Ant Man and the Wasp figures to help celebrate the recently released film. Each of these figures comes complete with a corresponding miniature figure (Eg., The Wasp has a mini Ant Man and vice versa). No idea what the pricing on this is however, if you want one and you are at the con I strongly advise you to pick up one or both.

And remember to keep checking back with us daily for more exclusive news that is coming out of Comic Con!

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