Aliens Exist in Project Blue Book


 Since the dawn of the time people have wondered if we are alone in the universe. From theories on how the pyramids were built by aliens to a crash that occurred outside of Roswell, New Mexico. There was a point where the goverment opened investigations into the unidentified flying objects (or UFO’s) and this was coded Project Blue Book. These investigations have been told in various forms and released to the public however, the History Channel released a show called Project Blue Book. Recently the folks over at Lionsgate have released the first season on blu-ray but is this something that you should investigate?

Project Blue Book ran for 10 episodes in the first season and each of these episodes focuses on a college professor by the name of Dr. Allen Hynek. He is recruited by the Air Force and partnered with Captain Michael Quinn and in the first episode they interview a pilot that had survived a dogfight with an alien craft. This is based on a real case that was chronicled in Project Blue Book and it was entitled the “Gorman Dogfight”. Other cases are explored such as the Flatwoods Monster, Lubbock Lights as well as Operation Paperclip (which was a real operation as German scientists were pulled from the V-2 program and transferred to live in the United States to work on various goverment programs). This is one of these shows that if you love conspiracy shows (like X-Files) you will LOVE this show.

The one thing that I would have loved to have seen on this disc is some featurettes on how this show was made. I would love to see what goes into making an episode or some of the behind the scenes footage that went into this production but sadly that isn’t available. Other than a few audio options and subtitles that and the 10 episodes are all that are on these discs. However, I will say that it is an amazing show and the fact that they managed to squeeze them all onto a disc is amazing.

If you love history, aliens, UFO’s and conspiracies you need to give Project Blue Book a try and I am excited that they renewed this for a second season! For more information on this and other great movies head over to and remember to keep watching the skies!