2018 Will Be A Big Year for Just Toys


Toys can mean so many things to different people. To a weary mother it can be something to give to her child to help occupy the time. To a collector it can mean bringing back a piece of nostalgia that was lost forever. The folks over at Just Toys are working on a few projects and recently a spokesperson reached out to answer some questions.

TR: Tell us a bit about Just Toys.

JT: Just Toys International is a global toy company specializing in video game licensed product. You probably know us from the uber-successfully Minecraft blind bag hangers we make. There is probably one dangling from your backpack as we speak!

TR: What are some of the licenses that Just Toys has released in the past?

JT: As stated above – Minecraft was and is one of our biggest titles. Five Nights at Freddy’s is another huge hit for us. We also have a focus on classic titles, such as Megaman and Street Fighter.

TR: Can you tell us about what is coming out in 2018?

JT: This year is our first foray into traditional action figures with the Mega Merge brand. It’s an exciting time for us and we are lucky enough to have hard core action figure experts helping steer the ship.

TR: You recently announced that you will be coming out with a line of figures based on Fallout 4 tell us about that?

JT: We’ve been lifelong fans of the Fallout franchise and when the opportunity arose to expand our deal, we jumped at the opportunity.

TR: What are some great things about these figures?

JT: The killer ingredient of the Mega Merge line is it’s interchangeability, meaning you can pull apart and snap into place the different limbs and create your own Frankenstein’d monster creation of the power armor. This feature works thanks to the Glyos System, a joint type that was licensed from Onell Design. That means it works with other toy lines like Knights of the Slice & Battle Tribes.

TR: Will they come packed with different weapons and accessories? Are there going to be more figures available in this series after this?

JT: Each figure will include one of the weapons recreated from the actual game files. You can of course swap the weapons amongst all the different styles. There are another two brand new sculpts that are approved and ready to manufacture, in additional to a dozen or so paint variants. Watch for news on that soon.

TR: Can you tell us any other video game characters you may be working on?

JT: There will be some announcements soon, needless to say we have some great titles under contract and we are just chomping at the bit to share the news.

TR: What would be your dream project to work on?

JT: Dark Souls. That’s my absolute all-time favorite game. Another dream title is Metal Gear, but that will never happen with the current state of the franchise.

And there you have it! You can find Just Toys at most major retailers and GameStop will be carrying the Fallout 4 armor sets in their stores as well as online