Review: The Walking Dead: Ep. 807 – The Time for After

Josh McDermitt as Dr. Eugene Porter – The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead: Ep. 807 – The Time for After

The Time for After delves deeply into Eugene’s mind giving viewers insight into the character’s motivations. While many can question his at times strange way of rationalizing his place alongside Negan after tonight’s episode it’s clear he’s a conflicted soul who strives to put his heart in the right place.

Eugene confronts Dwight on being the traitor in exchange for keeping what he knows from Negan and the others. Dwight has little time for Eugene’s tests of loyalty and lays out the bare facts concerning the Savior’s impending fall. Although it doesn’t appear so, Eugene and Dwight are actually trying to achieve the same thing albeit in different ways. They both want to keep people safe, Dwight by freeing people from Negan’s tyranny and Eugene by maintaining order in the Savior’s network.

The mighty mullet of the south also gets some time to reconnect with the failing Father Gabriel. Unwilling to go along with Gabriel’s request to spirit Dr. Carson out of the compound Eugene then gets into an ideological battle with the priest. Looking out for numero uno has been Eugene’s modus operandi but the strain of being one of the Saviors and not taking risks has lead to some sleepless nights and a burgeoning alcohol problem.

Eugene isn’t the only one carrying the baggage of the past. Haunted by past failures Daryl, Sasha, Morgan, Michonne and Rosita squabble over their next course of action. Realizing that not fighting fire with fire may have led to some of their previous defeats dissention arises when faced with following Rick’s plan or going rogue. For Daryl, there’s no going back even after a heart to heart with Michonne.

The Time for After is an interesting look at how doing the right thing can be seen so differently by various individuals. It’s also a test of the resolve those characters have in staying the course and executing their plans. While Daryl’s breaching of the walls that leads to mayhem inside the compound can be seen as a victory for Eugene it has the opposite effect. Enraged by the carnage on the compound only strengthens Eugene’s resolve to further align himself with Negan.

Eugene isn’t the only one who finds himself taken aback by the actions of others. After spending some time in the Scavenger’s version of a sweatbox Rick manages to broker a deal with Jadis. With his coalition strengthened even further, he makes his way to the Savior’s compound only to discover that his plans have gone off the rails. There will be a reckoning when Rick returns to Alexandria. Will the coalition survive now that members have gone rogue, Ezekiel’s confidence is in tatters and Rick’s offensive has been scuttled? Fighting Negan is difficult enough and now it’s become even more so now that everyone else is fighting among themselves.

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