Review: Loaded Ep. 102 – Leon’s Teacher

Jim Howick as Josh, Tom Stourton as Greg – Loaded _ Season 1, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Colin Hutton/CH4/AMC

Loaded Ep. 102 – Leon’s Teacher

Reality comes crashing down on the lads of Loaded when Casey pays them an early visit. Their American boss’ arrival puts a quick end to Josh, Leon, Watto, and Ewen’s geek playboy lifestyle along with a word they’ve all dreaded to hear – sequel. Yes, Casey and their parent company, Northlock expect the next big hit and what better way to do that than by making a sequel to Cat Factory.

Leon returns to his old school with all of the humility of a neon peacock to give a chat to the current student body. Instead of using his platform and newfound success as a way of inspiring the kids, he uses his obnoxious power point presentation to rub his success into the face of a former teacher.

Josh gets embroiled in a case of boyfriend envy as he tries to win back Abi’s heart but must contend with her new beau. His inferiority complex leads him to get involved in a charity event in a misguided attempt to impress his ex-girlfriend.

Watto struggles to stay real as a counter culture bloke rebelling against the system. His newfound riches become a roadblock to his fellow band members who question the authenticity of a multi-millionaire writing songs about the ravages of society.

Leon’s Teacher is all about adjustments. Each of the principles must adjust to the changes that come with their newfound success. Whether it’s justifying their success, standing up for themselves, or maintaining their sense of self the lads are faced with tests to their character. The tests come with some laughs particularly Ewen’s awkward attempts to stand up to Casey. His foibles ultimately lead to Casey’s decision to extend her stay at IDYL Hands indefinitely so that they can all develop a new game together.

Loaded still feels like a show that’s trying to find it’s footing. The cast is great and it’s not until the second half of Leon’s Teacher that the episode begins to work. Underneath the humor and economic excess there are hints of humanity that need to be explored more. Although it’s a comedy, Loaded hinges on the relationships between the characters and until the bonds between the lads and their interesting supporting characters are further explored the show will continue to feel somewhat incomplete.

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