Preacher Ep 207 – Pig: Review

Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy, Ruth Negga as Tulip O’Hare – Preacher _ Season 2, Episode 7 – Photo Credit: Michele K. Short/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Preacher Ep 207 – Pig

A floating pig sets off a strange series of events in a small Vietnamese village. While a gravity defying pig is a thing to behold for members of the small village (and would probably do wonders for my diet) it’s a source of consternation for a mysterious man dressed in a white suit.

Pig is a fast paced episode that steps back from the frenetic pace that characterized the end of the Saint of Killers arc for a more leisurely foray into character development. Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip all confront their demons in some manner and the next big bad on the show makes his grand entrance.

Cassidy and Denis finally get a chance to communicate properly but when they do true feelings are shared and Cassidy is left to ponder a heavy request. The fallout of their father and son chat ends up with Cassidy in the city morgue. Meanwhile, Tulip’s haunted by her final moments with the Cowboy. Nightmares of her in his grasp make for a restless night filled with doubt that the Saint of Killers is finally off their trail. Jesse on the other hand continues his search for God, but along the way learns some disturbing news concerning those who sell off fractions of their soul.

Pig also provides some backstory on the man in the white suit, Herr Starr. A former Nazi, the man in the white suit goes through rigorous training to join the Grail, an ancient organization set on keeping Jesus Christ and his bloodline safe until the Apocalypse. Now leading the Samson Unit under the Grail, Starr is a no nonsense individual tasked with eliminating all false prophets. The floating pig, a miracle in of itself, can’t be allowed to exist and Starr resorts to his unique problem solving methods to set things right. Next on his list is Jesse Custer whose ability to wield Genesis will no doubt be of peculiar interest to Herr Starr.

The full introduction of Starr not only brings on board one of the major villains from the Preacher comic book but now gives our heroes a worthy antagonist. While the Saint of Killers played into the all out mayhem that the show is known for, Starr will now be Jesse’s foil and will potentially give rise to some more intrigue and rich dialogue, particularly where Cassidy is concerned. For fans of the comic book, Herr is a welcome addition to the narrative and for those who are unaware of the source material, hopefully this is the start of something special.

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